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Gif animation got widespread in the modern world. Now it's no longer enought to use simple symbols and emoticons to expose your emotions in a virtual world. In addition, the number of available emoticons is often limited. So, to achieve this, every advanced Internet user uses "GIFs". format GIF is easy to use and takes up little space, so it can be used anywhere, anytime, without fear that the caller will not be able to view it. You can easily add format GIF into your comments and feedbacks or even write a complete posts and notes, the text of which is diluted by gif images.

How to convert video to format GIF using free Video to gif Converter

Gif animation is a few seconds looped movie without sound. There are huge bases of Gif images. You can choose anything you like according to your taste and arisen circumstances. But if you want to be original, the best way is to create gif animation by yourself.

There are a lot of special gif animation converters. You can make a format GIF image from any video file. Convert video to format GIF insanely easy. Each step is described in details on the site, you only need to follow the instructions and as a result you will get your original gif image.

A big advantage for the video to gif converter is that you do not need any additional software, only Internet access. All actions happen online on the site.

Create your own animations, convert video to format GIF and share your emotions with friends!

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Last updated on Monday, January 24, 2022