RAW Converter: a free software to convert RAW to JPG

Any professional photographer is well familiar with RAW format. Of course, working with such images is impossible without specialized software for converting RAW files. But even in spite of such difficulties, most SLR cameras owners prefer to work with RAW images. Why? What are the advantages of RAW files format? Where can I find fast and free software that will allow to convert RAW files to JPG ?

RAW Format: features

Manufacturers of digital cameras implement various solutions so each brand has its own format of raw data which is obtained directly from the matrix. RAW format means that the image was not processed or converted by camera processor.

In comparison to other formats RAW files of any camera such as Canon, Nikon, Samsung or Sony, have several features:
  • In contrast to the compression of JPG, RAW format use other algorithms that do not degrade the quality of the final image. This allows higher quality images.
  • The size of the RAW file is much larger than the same images saved in JPEG. However, it is smaller than the file in TIFF.
  • Image data are stored separately from processing data (color correction, noise reduction, etc).

Software for viewing and converting RAW to JPG

RAW files saved on the camera's memory card are similar to the images of other formats. However, once copied to a computer disk, you necessarily need a viewer for high-quality conversion of RAW files to JPG. The problem here is not only in the fact that the standard software refuses to open and view RAW files. The variety of formats for each camera brand is very high. For example, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony have their own RAW formats, each of them offers a specialized software only with the manufacturer's camera.

Sometimes manufacturers include free software for viewing, processing and converting a RAW file to JPG. But firstly not all of these software contain the required set of functions and parameters. Secondly, acquiring, for example, a second-hand camera, a disc with a free software to convert from RAW to JPEG can be missing. What to do now? How to view and accurately convert RAW to JPG?

How to use free software RAW Converter to convert files to JPG?

Our RAW Converter will help you to convert files from RAW to JPEG for free and with a minimum of time and efforts. Our application is able to convert the RAW file fron different cameras: Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony and others. RAW formats that our software can convert:

.dng Adobe .3fr Hasselblad .arw,.srf,.sr2 Sony
.bay Casio .crw,.cr2 Canon .dcr,.kdc Kodak
.erf Epson .mef Mamiya .mrw Minolta
.nef,.nrw Nikon .orf Olympus .raf Fujifilm
.raw .rwl .dng Leica .raw,rw2 Panasonic .r3d Red One
.ptx,.pef Pentax .srw Samsung .x3f Sigma

It is very easy to use free RAW Converter. To convert a RAW file into JPG, you need a few simple steps:

  • Select the desired image by pressing the "Browse" button. You can convert more then one image at once.
  • Choose the result format of the file your want to get.
  • Push "Convert" button to get results and download the file to your computer.
While using our free RAW Converter to convert a file from RAW format to JPEG you'll notice that converted images are much better quality than if you just take a picture in JPG.

You can continue converting even if you had to interrupt previous visit to the resource.

Last updated on Monday, January 24, 2022