How to make an effective banner GIF

Or what should be avoided not to get fiasco in an advertising campaign

So, looking at another sudden banner once again, you think: "Damn, how such terrible thing could be done?" The abundance of special effects, bright colors, strange sounds, annoying and frankly arrogant (boring, vague) message - all this things certainly annoy and make you close the page with such animation forever. And, of course, for your own resource (or site of potential clients) you want to do something more beautiful, interesting, attractive and effective. But how? What should you consider and pay attention creating an animated banner? What should not be forgotten, and what tricks can you use? All of this we discuss in this article.

 About text, plot and target audience

Banner is a business card of your company. Therefore, creating a banner, you must remember that the first users’ impression about your organization will be formed on the basis of your animation. But before we’ll talk about graphic and text content of the banner, let us select a few simple but important moments that should be considered to achieve success in the advertising campaign:

1. Even the most attractive banner will not be able to keep the consumer, if your product / service will not be of a good quality, popular and interesting.

Example: Advertising the standard office supplies, which the consumer can buy at any store, you will not achieve great success. Much more effective to represent the original notebooks, pens, folders, which have the unique design, shape and materials. Or things, made by the well-known brands, with strong wear-resistant coatings, the recognized mark of quality etc.

2. Even expensive and unique banner will not bring the expected results if you put it in the wrong place.

Example: Banner advertising fishing tackle is unlikely to be placed on the women's portal. Similarly, as the banner of a new gynecological clinic is unlikely to find a great response on the site about fishing and hunting. So, first of all, you must look sites where representatives of your target audience come. 

3. Even the most beautiful banner will not be effective if you try to place in it the whole text from your site. A lot of text is one of the main errors of banner creators. Remember: the consumer will never read tons of text information at the animation. Here we need a clear ad text with interesting message and well-articulated idea. Preparing the text for the banner you must follow three simple rules:

The text should not only describe the service / product, but also disclose the problem your offer help to solve.

Text should be addressed directly to your target audience, taking into account the features, problems, mood and material status of its members.

The text should not directly answer the question, but awake the reader curiosity, intrigue him, raise an interest in learning more information.


Message 1: Buy the cream "Youth". The message contains information about a product, but it doesn’t tell who needs this cream and why.

Message 2: Buy the cream "Youth" and always be fresh and beautiful. The message contains information about the product and the problems it solves. But the text is boring - there's no intrigue.

Message 3: How to look 10 years younger? Top 5 most actual problems which the cream "Youth" helps to solve. The message contains the text about product, main problem and also a hint of intrigue. Women, who have a similar problem, will respond and come to the site to get more information and learn about the cream.

4. Even the most visible banner will not have effect without a semantic animation. What does it mean? It's simple: every banner is a tiny ad, which should have a plot and the relationship between changing images. Remember the most interesting banners you saw - all of them had an interesting story, which induced you come to the site.

Example: Game themes are very entertaining. For example, a banner, advertising a natural cure for the flu, offers to gather in a mug with boiling water fruits and berries. At the same time, the more fruits and berries you gather the faster temperature normalizes to 36.6. Or banner advertising online game where you should find the hidden villain among the same at first glance characters. No less interesting humorous advertising banners, which reveal the certain plot. For example, the banner of Roadside company: Frame 1 - in the middle of a desert road car broke down, the owner is upset; Frame 2 - the team of masters in the rescue suits fly from the sky; Frame 3 - man is happy: he’s waving goodbye to the departing team.

Let's talk about graphics

First of all, you should remember that text and graphics in the banner are closely linked. So, if the text is wonderful, but the graphic part is not thought out - the banner will not bring any effect. If the graphics and story are great, but the text is not interesting - again, creating the animation will be in vain.

Creating the graphic part you should remember a few rules:

The banner should harmonize in color, style and level with the design of the site, where it will be showed.

The banner should attract attention. So be sure to use flash or GIF animation, but don’t overdo – don’t make your banner too provocative and irritating the eyes. It’s proven that animation increases the effectiveness of banner by 30 - 40%. But animation shouldn’t dissipate the attention, be full of many complex elements and must be loaded quickly.

Don’t to make text and images change very quickly. Don’t use running lines, make the time between shots a little more, so that the user could read the message without tension and consider the animation image.

Select colors correctly. Don’t make flickering banner background. Of course, it will attract attention, but it will not bring desired effect. Also, do not use color combinations that can irritate the eyes. The ideal color combinations (in descending order) are:

     • blue on white, black on yellow, green on white, black on white, green on red, red on yellow; red on white, orange on black, black on purple, orange on white; red on green.

A few more tricks

A few additional tips to help in creating an effective banner:

     • Fast loading. For good loading banner’s “weigh” must be maximum of 10-12 kb.

     • “Login" and "Click here". It’s proved that using these words, you can improve effectiveness of your animation by 20-30%.

     • “FREE!" This word can magically influence on the user, but only if there is an explanatory text. Briefly and intriguingly explain, what people can get for free, if they come to your website.

     • “Catchy" headlines. One of the main secrets of marketing texts is the spectacular headlines. It is necessary to devote a separate article on the topic how to write headlines properly. But among the most effective methods is using of numbers (“10 ways to lose weight”), questions (“How to make a birdhouse?” “Why is the sky blue?”), Mysteries (“The secret of eternal youth”).

     • The blue text. Text underlined with blue line is subconsciously associated for user with link, and thus provokes click on the banner.

     • Similarity to Windows. According to experts view, banners, designed as Windows controls (scroll bars, drop down menus, buttons, etc.) much more motivate user to click.

     • Make a gif animation. If the user saw your banner 3 times and didn’t go to the site - you can be sure that he will not go. So if you intend to organize an extensive advertising campaign, just think over many variants of the banners and be ready to change them very often.

Banner doesn’t bring desired effect. What should I do?

If you are sure you have placed animation in the optimal position and correctly defined the target audience - change the banner! But it’s not necessary completely remodel it. Think, in what moments weaknesses could be. Ask 8-10 friends and colleagues to assess your advertising and voice their opinions. Constantly make adjustments to the banner, improve it. Sometimes these corrections can improve the efficiency of the original animation in 6-8 times!