How to make a cool avatar for the Facebook for free?

How to make a cool avatar for the Facebook for free?

Or your road to originality

Today a beautiful and vibrant avatar in social network profile is no longer surprising. In almost any profile you can see a professional photo, or a special collage created by special software. But such is human nature: seeing something beautiful and attractive somewhere, you immediately want the same.

красивые картинки на аву    аватарка вконтакте

So the question is: where can you make nice avatars for the Facebook, and free of charge? Where to find an application that will create a spectacular profile picture in a few seconds? And most importantly – what you need to take into account to make your new Facebook avatar be the most original and interesting?

How to make a nice avatar for the Facebook: tips and tricks

First of all, tune in a creative way. Definitely the creation of cool and original avatars for the Facebook requires a creative approach. Before you get into the process of creation, consider the following tips:

1. Choose a picture with your face in the center to make a nice avatar for the Facebook from existing image. Avoid pictures where you are not discernible, occupy less than 50% of the photo, or your face is overlaid with something (exception - themed professional photos).

красивая аватаркаава

2. Using our application WebCam Avatar for taking snapshots, try to be photographed in your most natural position. Do not try to make a fake face expression, which is the beautiful in your opinion, and don’t sit or stand in unnatural position. Falseness is always visible at the picture, but we want to make a beautiful and original avatar for the Facebook, which will impress your friends with how you are similar on it to your normal way of life.

3. Try to contrive kind of a "flavor" for your new avatar for the Facebook - something that immediately strikes the eye and is the best way to emphasize your personality, mood and state of mind. The simplest way is to make an original inscription on the plate or hold your other photo in your hands, where you are in a completely different form, in certain conditions (eg, cooking) or original clothes. If you decide to use an existing photo to make an amusing avatar for the Facebook, you can give a full play to your imagination and the imagination of the photographer.


4. Try to do some different avatars for the Facebook for free using our application. Because of this, you have a choice, which one is the best to be placed on your webpage. And then you can even weekly change the avatar in your profile.

5. Do not forget to save each created avatars for the Facebook on your computer. Inspired by the creative process, you can completely forget about this important detail.

You can always make a beautiful and cool avatar for the Facebook for free on our site. You can use as the WebCam Avatar, which will help to take a picture from a webcam and apply cool effects, and GIF Animator, using which you will be able to put the original effects at the finished photo.

We hope that our project will help you to make really original, bright, funny and beautiful avatars for the Facebook quickly, easily and free of charge!