Icon Generator: create icons in ICO format or favicons for your site

What is the icon? It is well known not only to any owner or developer of websites but also to the usual computer user. No matter what software you use, whether it is a specialized application or simple text editor you can always see a lot of icons that associated to a new document, deleting, saving and other activities. Let's look at PC's desktop. Everyone have at least a pair of icons there such as "My Computer", "My Documents", "Trash", etc.

Microsoft Windows use ICO format to store icons. ICO-file contains one or more icons and color and size are separately defined for each of them. Although you can specify any size the most commonly used icon sizes are ICO 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 pixels. The structure of ICO icon is similar to the BMP format but it has one difference - the presence of additional image-masks superimposed on the background image for transparency.

In general ICO icons we can see everywhere. But many users have a reasonable question: why do these icons for? What is favicon.ico? What software to use to create icons for the site in ICO format? So, everything from the beginning.

What are ICO icons for?

May be we can live without icons at all? You can, of course, but there are several good reasons proving that creating ICO icons is not just right but necessary.
  • Ease of recognition. Creation of 16x16 favicons or 48x48 icons - a real necessity if you really care about your users. Let's imagine for a moment that the standard menu items, equipped with inscriptions and icons, are hardly visible. And we can no longer read any labels! Nevertheless almost all ICO icons are recognizable and now we can easily make necessary steps while using software due to the usual icons without even reading inscriptions.
  • Recognition. Decided to create an ICO icon, you'll notice that each such icon unlike labels has its own characteristics - shape and color. Thus, to distinguish one label from another, you have to read it. In the case of ICO icons there is no need to read anything – just glimpse.
  • Memorability. Experimentally proved that pictures are better remembered than inscriptions. Thus, over time, the icon calls even certain associations in the mind of the user. And that is exactly what you need most! Deciding to use the software to create icons for your site in ICO format you will be able to create an icon that will be remembered by your user that will continue to associate it only with your site.
  • Involve users. . Icon 16x16 ICO - a great way to attract users to the site a little bit more often. Not long time ago Web masters have come up with a good idea - to place an ICO icon in the address bar near the name of the website. This icon is called favicon.ico and it allows to distinguish your website from many competitors. But the next paragraph says more about that.

Features and value of favicon.ico

Favicon (short for FAVorites ICON - "the icon for the favorites") is an icon for a web page or website. Create an icon favicon.ico for your website and the resulting icon will appear not only near the page's URL in the address bar but next to the bookmark or search engine's hyperlink and in other places.

Traditionally a 16x16 favicon.ico icons are obtainedfrom the root directory of the site. Nevertheless it is possible to register the exact location of favicon.ico in the page code. It allows you to use different icons for each page.

If you decide to create a favicon.ico for your website you will be able to give your resource personality and make it more recognizable and popular. But how to make favicon.ico icon for the website? What software to use to convert JPG, BMP, PNG to ICO icon online?

Icon Generator is a free software for creating favicon.ico or any icons for your desktop

To convert BMP, PNG or JPG to ICO online you need a special software for creating icons for website. In this case we need an application that will help us to convert images into an icon ICO 16x16, 32x32, not only quickly and accurately but also for free. Our software Icon Generator is the ideal solution for you!

It's very easy to use our software for creating favicon.ico icons for your website. All you need to convert BMP, PNG or JPG to ICO online is a few simple steps:
  • Select the image at your computer you want to convert to icon
  • Upload it into our software
  • Click "Create ICO" button
Set the options for the future icon and create a unique icon, favicon.ico for the site. This will take a few seconds.

You can continue your work even if you had to interrupt the creation of favicon.ico during your previous visit. And you can always find and download your best icons from the ICO gallery on our site.

Last updated on Monday, January 24, 2022