Freeware Gif Resizer for resizing animated gif online

Resize GIF (decrease, increase), extract GIF frames online by GIF Resizer

The GIF format is very widespread in the Internet. The reasons for such high popularity are simple GIF files have a very good compression algorithm, support transparency and provide an opportunity to create both simple and complex animations and banner ads.

But at the same time there are couple of problems. One of them is the need to change the size of GIF. This rises the question: how to reduce or increase the size of GIF? How to perform GIF editing? How to extract frames from GIF? In case of work with ordinary JPG file there are no such problems. In fact in any, even the simplest editor, we can with a couple of clicks resize the image or crop unnecessary parts. How can we edit GIF? But most of editors can work only with plain images.

To address this we offer you our unique editor - GIF Resizer. With its help we will be able to quickly and easily resize GIF file, to reduce or increase it if necessary. To do this follow a few simple steps:
  • Click on "Resize" button.
  • Add a GIF-file by pressing the "Browse".
  • Enter desired height and width.
  • Click "Apply." button

In a few seconds the size of GIF animation becomes such as you want!

How do I extract frames from GIF and convert GIF to JPG without losing animation?

Another detail that is desired by many users working with GIF is the possibility to extract frames from GIF. In addition, to make GIF from JPG is not a difficult task. But how to convert GIF to JPG? Or convert to PNG?

Faced with this challenge you can re-contact the editor, GIF Resizer. Using it to resize, reduce or enlarge the GIF, you can immediately extract frames from GIF, therefore, convert your animations into a set of JPGs.

The sequence of actions is the same and it happens fast and easy:
  • Select the desired animation.
  • Click on "Get Frames"
  • Enjoy your work!
GIF Resizer gives you an excellent opportunity to save time and efforts working with GIF files. Whatever you need - resize, crop, reduce or enlarge, extract frames from GIF images, convert to JPG, JPEG or PNG - our application serves you!

You can continue resizing Gif animations, even if you have to interrupt previous visit to the resource. And you can always see all your creations on our website!

Last updated on Monday, January 24, 2022